Privacy Policy

This website provides secure internet services. We respect and protect the privacy of our website users. The following are our policies regarding the collection, use and protection of the personal information you provide.

  • · Collection of Personal Information
  • In order to confirm your transaction activities on the website and make it easier for you to access information on the website, we will ask you to share with us some of your personal information, such as your name, telephone Number, and email address.
  • · In order to confirm transactions and to allow
  • The personal information of yours that we gather will only be used in transaction related operations and the mailing of e-newsletter or DM.
  • · Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
    1. We will not sell, exchange or lend any of your personal information that we gather on the website to any other organization or individual, or use it for purposes other than those stated above without your prior consent.
    2. If there is a need for use to share your personal information with a third party to provide additional services or special offers, for example, providing special offers or holding promotional events with other service providers, we will provide a full explanation for the event/offer, and you may decide whether or not to accept this particular service/offer.
  • · Cookies Policy
  • 所謂的Cookies是伺服器端為了區別使用者的不同喜好,經由瀏覽器寫入使用者硬碟的一些簡短資訊。您可以選擇修改您的瀏覽器對Cookies的接受程度,如果您使用IE,這項功能在「Internet選項」的「安全性」中,如果您使用Netscape,則此功能在「功能設定」的「進階」中,在這個地方,有三種層級,包括接受所有cookies、設定cookies時得到通知、拒絕所有cookies等。
    如果您選擇拒絕所有的cookies,您就可能無法使用部份個人化服務,或是參與網站上部份的活動。 而本飯店為了提昇使用者輸入資料的方便性及正確性,以及提供更好的服務,網站上各資料欄位會採用cookies方式來儲存您輸入過的資料。所以本飯店網站會在本政策原則之下,在您瀏覽器中寫入並讀取Cookies。
  • · About the right to amend the privacy protection clauses
  • The privacy policy of our website will be revised in accordance to factors such as advances in technology, law amendments and other social changes, to protect the privacy of our users. Such revisions will be updated and published on our site immediately.